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ickle baby bear

it was a BEAR. most places in the city would be kinda freaked out if there was a BEAR near them. i don’t understand you and your rural connecticut ways. bears are things to fear.

i keep just thinking about stories from my middle school and just laughing because oh my god that place was a complete train wreck i have so many ridiculous stories from that place

small rabbit baby would like to become a cactus: this and more on the news at 11

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snail fambliy

noot noot

[chorus of smaller noot noots]

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ok but bisexual lily

bi lily almost coming out to petunia when she figures it out at thirteen, but then she gets a soup stain on petunia’s favorite sweater and has to endure screams of what a /freak/ she is and she doesnt want to fuel the fire

bi lily almost coming out to severus at fourteen but she sees him palling around with the blacks and her throat feels like its closing up and why would she want to give them another slur to throw at her

bi lily almost coming out to james at sixteen and she knows he’ll accept her and love her (and if he didnt oh well she doesnt really need him. she loves him but she could surive without him) but she cant stop the nausea in the pit of her stomach when she thinks about even saying the words

and then one day she and the marauders are the only ones in the common room a few days before finals and peter and james are cracking up at something she said but remus and sirius are oddly silent. she looks over at them to ask why they arent peeing themselves from her hilarity and thats when she notices it.

sirius is asleep with his head in remus’ lap and remus is ever so gently braiding his hair with such a peaceful look on his face and she doesnt understand how she hadnt seen this before. and she looks over at james to judge his reactions but he’s still guffawing at peter’s horrendous dumbledore impression. and he looks over at her and remus and sirius and the joy on his face doesnt change at all and the nausea in lily’s stomach fades a bit

and then the next day she plops down in front of sirius and remus when theyre alone and before she can talk herself out of it shes saying “so. youre queer.” and its not quite a question and not quite a statement and remus sees the hesitation in her eyes and sirius catches at the way her mouth stumbles on the ‘q’ in ‘queer’ and remus leans forward as gently as he can and asks “lily. do you want to talk?”


I walked 15 km bc i was bored

do you ever just have a week where you’re like “the world cannot possibly be any worse to me this week” and then the world goes and makes itself even more terrible than it already has been?

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